To ensure the best possible concert experience for all theatre-goers, visitors to the theatre are asked to to abide by the rules and regulations outlined below.

Photography is strictly forbidden.

1. Arrive On Time

Theatregoers are encouraged to allow plenty of time for travel, parking, and food and drink before their show starts – we would recommend arriving at the venue around 30 minutes beforehand to ensure the smoothest and most pleasant experience for you and fellow visitors.

2. Stay In Your Assigned Seats

It is very important that visitors remain in their allocated seats to avoid confusion. The Abraham Chavez Theatre is proud to provide very intuitive, easy-to-find seating. Stewards will also be on hand to help guide you to the correct location.

Ideally visitors are asked not to leave their seats until the show is over or an interval. If you must leave for any reason, please be mindful of others and try to leave as quietly as possible

3. Switch Off Your Mobile Phones

Ensure to keep all electronic handheld devices, including mobile phones, iPads, gaming consoles and other electronic equipment turned off or on silent during the performance. To avoid disruption, please also refrain from using the devices at all while the performance is in progress, as the bright screens can disrupt the experience for others.

4. No Food Or Drink

Please do not bring food or drink into the theatre itself. Drinks and refreshments are available in theatre reception.