Alicia Villarreal at Abraham Chavez Theatre

Alicia Villarreal Tickets

Abraham Chavez Theatre | El Paso, Texas

Alicia Villarreal

Are you a massive fan of pop music and need a live music escape this year? Well, say less because Alicia Villarreal is coming to in 2024 and this could be just what the doctor ordered! This limited-run performance takes one of the greatest talents in the genre and assures you of a night you won’t soon forget! Excellent lyrics, right arrangements, a sick stage production, surprise musical guests – these are all things you can expect when Alicia Villarreal comes to El Paso, Texas. Tickets are still available, so be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity at a musical heavyweight! By clicking the ‘get tickets’ button now, you get access to one of the premier artists to hit the scene ever. Reserve yours today!

Alicia Villarreal new states tour has been on the cards for a while. Now that fans realise, tickets for the night will be sold out fast, historically shows have been jam packed and this is expected to be no different! Alicia Villarreal is such a popular act, lovers come for far and wide to witness this magical talent in action, it will be a Saturday you wont forget in April, you'll see! The huge pop event is going to be held at the most wonderful arena in the state for mainstream pop concerts, it's the favorite...Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas, El Paso on Saturday 13th April 2024, be sure to make it! Abraham Chavez Theatre is one of the greats, you'll love the atmosphere, refreshments are a plenty and its in a very centralised location, the perfect stadium for the job! Tickets are available on this page, click 'get tickets' to bag some now!

Alicia Villarreal at Abraham Chavez Theatre

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