Gipsy Kings at Abraham Chavez Theatre

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Abraham Chavez Theatre | El Paso, Texas

Gipsy Kings

Its difficult not to enjoy latin music when there are a huge number of talented artists on the market, but hardly any latin acts compare to the stunning Gipsy Kings thats for sure! You'll know all the hits, so now see the real thing! The fall, 2023 tour of the states will come to Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas, El Paso on Thursday 26th October 2023 and the stadium is going to be rammed with latin fans from all over the US! See for yourself this October for a Thursday night you'll never forget, itll be the greatest! Can you see the 'GET TICKETS' ICON? Follow it now to purchase your tickets!

If you’re up for a night of easy yet spicy entertainment - we have an idea for you. This October one of the brightest stars in the Latin music industry - will make a stop in El Paso and hit the stage of the most popular venue in the area. Abraham Chavez Theatre has a long history of bringing the most exciting events to town, drawing thousands of passionate fans from all around the state. It’s hard to pick just one best thing that makes the venue a must-stop location for the fans in the know, as the list of perks there is quite rich. From the top-professional personnel, to the excellent viewing experience ensured by the clean sightlines and world-class sound system - you name it, Abraham Chavez Theatre delivers it. What better way to enjoy the booming show on stage and feel the surge of energy in the wowing crowd? And to enhance the overall concert experience, you can heat up by going for pre-drinks in some of top restaurants and bars located right around the corner. There’s only way to put it - joining Gipsy Kings in Abraham Chavez Theatre is certainly the can’t-miss event of 2023. So tell your close ones and share an unforgettable Thursday night out together!

Gipsy Kings at Abraham Chavez Theatre

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