Juanes at Abraham Chavez Theatre

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Abraham Chavez Theatre | El Paso, Texas


Latin music fans all across the stats are shocked to hear that Juanes is going to be back once more for an outstanding states tour in winter 2024! The huge and chart topping latin act that provided you with so many wonderful songs will give you the expirence of a lifetime for the greatest Thursday night EVER this February! You'll also be pleased to know the concert will be playing at THE greatest arena for miles, home to so many iconic latin artists so Juanes will be no stranger in arena....if it hasn't come to mind yet we mean Abraham Chavez Theatre, Texas El Paso... on Thursday 29th February 2024. Follow the 'GET TICKETS' link to buy some now!

Get ready, because February is about to become the hottest of the year. More specifically, the temperature will rise heavily in El Paso, as the most iconic venue in the area cooks up an epic program of unmissable events. Abraham Chavez Theatre upholds its commitment to showcasing the hottest Latin performers on its banging stage, and will once again turn into a meeting point for Latin music lovers of all stripes. Its mighty reputation is surely well-deserved, as the hosts do their best in delivering the most premier sonic and viewing experience. From the mind-bending installations and superb acoustics, to the world-class customer service to boot - every detail in the venue is carefully designed to enhance the overall concert experience. Of course, there’s also more than enough space to jump off the chair and add some Latin rhythms in your hips. Despite all the great offerings on-site, your trip just wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the most refined restaurants and bars located right around the corner, offering tantalizing cuisines and must-try craft cocktails from all around the world. All this and much more will surely make your visit of Abraham Chavez Theatre a musical as well as a cultural delight. Don’t let it slip away - just check the upcoming events and secure your seats now!

Juanes at Abraham Chavez Theatre

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